Among the school population that has been vaccinated against Covid-19, also the category of students in the 12-19 age group, therefore secondary school pupils, represent an important share.

In fact, 6,013,709 have already been vaccinated, according to data from the Ministry of Health. With at least one dose we reach almost 90% of the total, a figure that equals the vaccines of school staff, or almost (teachers are around 95%).

There are just 600 thousand (10%) children who have not even taken a dose and it is conceivable that many of them are part of the 12-15 category, the youngest among the children authorized to take the vaccine and therefore those on whom families feed the most. doubts about the Covid vaccine.Icotea

Also among the students, 5,090,509 completed the vaccination cycle, 84.65% of the population of vaccine age.Who is vaccine-free at school?In short, in the school world, about 90 thousand, including teachers and Ata, are vaccine-free; the 600 thousand of secondary schools; and of course all students under 12.

Generally speaking, therefore, the most protected grades of school are secondary schools, especially high schools. Primary school is being worked on. EMA’s ok to act on the national front and authorize the vaccine also for the 5-11 year old group is awaited, with respect to which the president of the Higher Health Council Franco Locatelli recently declared: “Pfizer is a safe vaccine approved in United States by Fda and Cdc “. In Italy by Christmas, he also speculated.Vaccination obligation

On the hypothesis of compulsory vaccination for school staff, CISL does not say against it: For the CISL, the defense of health is the first objective, the government decides on the basis of scientific data and we will respect the rules “. This was stated by the general secretary of the CISL Scuola, Maddalena Gissi. “

Like all legal regulations, where they have to guarantee the safety of the country, we abide by, as we are accepting the rule of masks. Let us remember that we are in a state of emergency, on our borders there is a pandemic knocking. If the government took a decision to that effect, both for the obligation for the first two doses and for the booster, we would be there “.


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