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Public transport. The management of public transport was not included in the analysis both because it is not the responsibility of schools, and because it almost exclusively affects upper secondary school students.

The GIMBE report reiterates that the various interventions to minimize the circulation of the virus cannot be applied in all school grades, each of which requires a tailor-made prevention plan, especially considering the greater contagiousness of the delta variant.

“With the winter season just around the corner and the evident rise of new cases in the last week – concludes Cartabellotta – it is essential to keep attention on schools where, due to the numerous criticalities detected, the reported outbreaks show that the equilibrium is unstable . In addition to aiming for maximum vaccination coverage for both school staff and students aged>

12 years, and the general population, it is necessary to simultaneously strengthen systematic periodic screening and implement system interventions that guarantee adequate aeration and ventilation of school premises: in particular in the under 12 age group where vaccines are not available and in the under 6 age group where even masks are not usable and the distancing is substantially inapplicable “.

The student campaign has actually started. In Turin there are already open days for vaccination, without reservations, dedicated to the registry cohort between 12 and 19 years old. It goes directly to the hubs. In Lombardy, the car dedicated to the youth segment will be launched on 23 August, but, via the booking system, it is possible to get an appointment earlier.

The center of San Benigno, and here we are talking about Genoa, will be dedicated to the student supply chain from 8 August: three thousand bookings have already arrived in three days. In Lombardy, 42 per cent have received the first dose, and there are 63 per cent of bookings. In Tuscany, and in Florence, you can book from today and start vaccinating on Saturday: ”

We want to reach one hundred percent in mid-September”, say the officials, recalling that from 10 August it will be possible to go directly to the pediatricians. In Puglia the date is moved forward as in Lombardy, Monday 23 August, but the commissioner Pier Luigi Lopalco assures us, in August the campaign will be tightened, school by school: “The children are more convinced than the adults”.

There was no doubt that the weak sector of these two pandemic years – adolescents accused of activating clusters through nightlife and elbow goggles – would have responded to a clear objective. It had already happened between May and June for the half million graduates, the “teen” intend to get vaccinated and the Regions have taken this collective will in hand.


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