Compulsory vaccine, the great theme of these weeks. In Italy it has been discussed for some time now, even if the Government has not yet reached a final decision. “If the scientific community tells us that the green pass is not enough, the obligation to vaccinate will be needed,

if the Italian scientific community says that it is necessary, it will have to be done”, the words of the health minister Roberto Speranza, who reiterated that it will therefore be the scientific community to guide the choices of the government. ”

We are now debating on the subject of the mandatory vaccine, but before then – he added two days ago – we are moving to another degree, extending the green pass and take this as a sign of good faith of a government that makes gradual steps to avoid arriving at an imposition ยป.

But while in Italy the solution to the puzzle has not yet been found, in the United States they have already moved on to facts. Los Angeles is preparing to become the first major American school district to impose a compulsory Covid vaccine on all students aged 12 and over who attend face-to-face classes.

The Board of Education will meet in the next few hours to vote on the proposal, which should be approved without problems given the wide support it enjoys. The Los Angeles school district is America’s second largest with 600,000 students, and vaccination requirements could be a major national precedent.

There is no doubt that the resolution will be passed. In last week’s statements, a majority of board members have already said they are in favor of or lean towards that requirement.MORE INFORMATIONCompulsory vaccine at school for students aged 12 and over: Los Angeles towards approvalCompulsory vaccine, first those who play sports

The LA school district has moved faster and more comprehensively than most others. According to the proposal, the first students interested would be those involved in extracurricular activities such as sport. The resolution requires younger students to receive their first dose of the vaccine no later than 30 days after their 12th birthday and their second dose no later than eight weeks after that birthday.

Students 12 years of age and older should receive their first dose of the vaccine by November 21 and the second by December 19, to begin the next semester fully immunized. Those who turn 12 after those dates will have 30 days after their birthday to receive their first injection. The last day of class before the winter break is December 17th.


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