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Informational Materials

To help health care professionals protect infants, children and adolescents from influenza, the Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition (CIIC) has created a variety of informational documents on influenza, vaccination needs and the role and goals of the Coalition. Click on the links below to browse and download these documents, and be sure to share them with colleagues and patients.

Practice Resources
These health care professional practice resources are for use within a clinic or office, to adapt and share with patients directly. Materials include tips for speaking with parents about vaccination, educational articles and reminder messages to encourage parents to schedule vaccination.

AAP Influenza Vaccine Algorithm
This interactive influenza vaccine algorithm from the American Academy of Pediatrics was created to help health care professionals determine the number (and timing) of influenza vaccine doses needed to protect patients 6 months to 9 years of age.

Fight Flu in Child Care Settings
The National Association of Child Care Professionals teamed up with Families Fighting Flu and the Coalition to conduct a nationwide influenza awareness campaign – “Fighting Flu in Child Care Settings: Building Blocks to Increase Influenza Awareness” – to educate families of children in child care centers about the seriousness of influenza. These materials help educate parents of child care-aged children about the importance of influenza vaccination.

Immunization for Health Care Professionals
Although health care professionals take patient influenza vaccination seriously, too many do not get vaccinated themselves. These materials support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and explain why influenza vaccination for health care workers plays a critical role in protecting patients from the influenza virus.

Materials You Can Use to Reach Out to Media
The media play a powerful role in shaping awareness and understanding of public health issues. The media materials provided here include standard documents in template form (press release, media alert, etc.) that can be customized for use with local media in an effort to get them to cover a newsworthy story or event, such as the time and place of an influenza vaccination clinic. These materials also include important facts about CIIC, influenza and influenza vaccination. Start by reading the How-To Guide, a helpful overview for conducting media outreach.
How-To Guide (PDF)
How-To Guide (Word)
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