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Lights and shadows of vaccinations in school-age children. The Gimbe Foundation has published the report “Covid-19 Safety in Schools: From Scientific Evidence to the Real World” from which various critical issues emerge. «67.2% of the population 12-19 years (3,064,055) completed the vaccination course and

5.5% (249,401) received the first dose. The children who have not received even a dose of vaccine are 1,243,466 (27.3%), with percentages of not vaccinated ranging from 19.6% in the Sardinia Region to 43.8% in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano “, this the main analysis.

The downward trendThe trend of vaccination coverage with at least one dose in the 12-19 year range, after the sharp increase at the beginning of June, gradually slowed down starting from September, when the value was still below 70%.

“The scientific evidence – says Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation – on the one hand shows that there is no zero risk of contagion in schools, on the other it suggests that it is possible to minimize it through a multifactorial approach by integrating different individual and environmental prevention interventions” .Loading …6% of the teachers are not vaccinated

The Gimbe report contains another interesting fact, this time about teachers: “The hard core of unvaccinated school staff is close to 6%”. Furthermore, in underlining that “there is no periodic screening of infections in school structures except in sentinel schools, for which public data are lacking”, the monitoring warns: “There is still no school effect” but “the reported outbreaks they invite us to keep our guard up ».The picture of infections

According to the data of the weekly report of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Iss), in the period 4-17 October 2021, 8,857 cases were diagnosed in the age group 0-19 years, of which 99 hospitalized, 3 hospitalizations in intensive care and no deaths, with a progressive reduction – in the last 4 weeks considered by the ISS report – in the incidence of Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations. ”

These data – says Renata Gili, Gimbe Head of Research on Health Services – show that the feared ‘school effect’ has not yet occurred, both thanks to the vaccination of students and school staff, and to the progressive vaccination coverage of the general population: the consequent reduction in viral circulation is reflected in the school environment, even in pupils under 12 for whom there are still no authorized vaccines. One more reason – he concludes – to reach as many unvaccinated people as possible and speed up the administration of third doses ».

The school is back in attendance at 100%, but extra activities, such as trips or guided tours, are prevented by the introduction of the green pass. The problem is raised by Carlo Braga who is therefore asking for compulsory vaccination

The school is back in attendance at 100%, but extra activities outside the classroom, such as trips or guided tours, are prevented by the introduction of the green pass. The problem is raised by Carlo Braga, dean of the Salvemini Institute in Casalecchio, who for this reason calls for mandatory vaccination also for students and a streamlining of privacy regulations.

“After the crucial phase of returning to attendance at ‘all costs’ – says Braga – the interest in schooling more generally seems to have disappeared, as if the primary objective was only determined by the physical placement of the students in school. students, however not always successful due to the lack of space “.

The activity in the presence, confirms the principal, “is fundamental for a series of reasons that have already been widely addressed”. But now that the goal has been achieved, says Braga, “we could move on to the next level, which is the quality of what is done”.


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