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The Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition recognizes the media as a vital partner in communicating the seriousness of influenza and the need for childhood immunization.

Influenza News Headlines

July 15, 2008: For Parents, an Easier Way to Track Vaccines

The Washington Post

July 2008: Influenza: Keeping Schools Healthy Through Education and Vaccination

NASN Newsletter

June 1, 2008: Update on Immunizations in Children and Adolescents

American Family Physician

May 5, 2008: All Star Pediatrics’ Vaccine Policy Statement

AAP News

March 14, 2008: Flu vaccinations for children help protect us all

San Francisco Chronicle

February 27, 2008: Families Fighting Flu: Families Rejoice in CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Vote for Universal Childhood Influenza Vaccination

Press Release

February 27, 2008: CDC: CDC’s Advisory Committee Recommends Influenza Vaccination for Children 6 months through 18 years of age

Press Release

February 24, 2008: “Experts: Flu is nothing for kids to sniff at”


February 4, 2008: “Flu shots urged for children already in hospital”

Seattle Post Intelligencer

January 21, 2008: “Many Kids, Adults not Protected Against Flu”

January 9, 2008: “Tips to keep children from catching cold or flu this year”

Treasure Coast Newspapers

November 6, 2007: “Obstetricians urge pregnant women to get flu shots”

Reuters Health E-Line

October 20, 2007: “Carmona pushing for flu shots for more children”

Tucson Citizen

October 17, 2007: “Coalition aims to raise flu vax rates in children”

Reuters Health E-Line

October 17, 2007: “Kids Need Those Shots”

New York Times

October 16, 2007: “Students, teachers to get flue shots”

Associated Press Newswires

September 19, 2007: “Officials Say More Should Get Flu Shots”

Associated Press

September 19, 2007: “More Americans Urged to Get Flu Shots”


September 17, 2007: “Flu vaccine supply looks plentiful — so far ; CDC aims for fuller coverage”

USA Today

September 9, 2007: “State to provide free flu vaccines for kids”

Associated Press

September 7, 2007: “Child’s Flu Shot Helps Whole Family”


September 6, 2007: “State Concerned Because of an Early Influenza Outbreak; DOH Investigates First Flu Cases Among School Children on Oahu” – Paul Drewes


September 5, 2007: “Influenza outbreak reported at school”

Associated Press

August 31, 2007: “Growing Number of U.S. Kids Not Getting Needed Vaccinations” – Dennis Thompson


August 10, 2007: “Last Flu Season Was Mild, But Child Deaths Worrying” – Steven Reinberg


August 9, 2007: “Flu killed 68 children this season: CDC”


August 9, 2007: “Vaccine Time: Kids bare arms to get back-to-school shots”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

August 8, 2007: “1 million may not have enough insurance for necessary vaccines, study says”

Associated Press