Radio Public Service Announcements


Although all children age six months and older are recommended for annual influenza vaccination, some parents/caregivers still do not have their children vaccinated. Through brief vignettes about a family, these public service announcements (PSAs) illustrate the potentially devastating impact influenza has on children and the importance of immunization.

We encourage you to air these PSAs to help educate the public about childhood influenza vaccination. PSAs are most timely when aired during influenza season (typically October thru May). PSAs can run as a series or as stand-alone spots.

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  • Coffee Shop – 60 Seconds
  • Coffee Shop – 30 Seconds
  • Home from Work – 60 Seconds
  • Home from Work – 30 Seconds
  • Mom Visits Nichole – 60 Seconds
  • Mom Visits Nichole – 30 Seconds


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