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InFLUencer Program (HCPs)

This turnkey program with customizable resources helps healthcare professionals engage in ongoing communication about the importance of childhood influenza immunization.

Resources include template PowerPoint presentations that provide pediatric-specific information on influenza and influenza vaccination. The presentations can be customized for use in various settings, such as discussions with other healthcare professionals or presentations to community parent groups. CIIC has created two separate templates: one that is designed for peer-to-peer healthcare professional communication and the other that is designed to reach consumers with similar, but more accessible information and messages.

You can view these presentations in PDF format by clicking the resources links below. If you would like to receive customizable PowerPoint versions of the presentations, please submit a request and you will be contacted shortly.


CIIC InFLUencer Program-Consumer Presentation

Presentation designed to support communication about childhood influenza immunization with family and consumer audiences.

CIIC InFLUencer Program-HCP Presentation

Presentation designed to support peer-to-peer healthcare professional communication about childhood influenza immunization for healthcare professional audiences