It is likely that the government will proceed with a strong recommendation and then, if by 20 August – the date on which the Regions will have to provide Figliuolo with the real numbers of the situation – 90% has not been reached, it could think about introducing the obligation. ”

You go to school in attendance – confirms Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa – and to achieve the goal we cannot think of a return without vaccinated staff. Whoever opposes him, if we fail to convince him, will be obliged ».

Bianchi is more cautious. “The government will see if there is a need for homogenization of the whole country. If there is a region with only 70% of the teachers vaccinated, General Figliulo will concentrate on that to bring them to the national level ». The principals also reaffirmed their substantial support for the mandatory nature, however attacking the policy both for the

“difficulties” in deciding and on local transport, another critical point for the recovery in September: “in a year and a half it was not possible to buy vehicles and hire more drivers ”says Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Headmasters.On the other hand, the choice of France according to which, in the event of positive contact in the classroom, only those who are not can go to Dad vaccinated.

Green pass not only to teachers and staff, but also to students who can do it to reopen the school in September and alternatives for the unvaccinated.The association of principals who meets the Bianchi Education Minister asks for it.

‘If the vaccine campaign fails, go back to Dad,’ they add. ‘The government’s goal is to go back to school in person’, confirms the minister. Tension in the majority. Toti calls for the vaccine requirement for teachers. Conte: ‘M5s will do everything for the school in attendance. ‘The Green pass to access schools? Let’s not joke ‘, Salvini cuts short.

“It is also necessary that all the teaching staff who have not yet been vaccinated, do so by the beginning of the school year to minimize the risk of infections and avoid yet another closure of the institutions. If the safety threshold is not guaranteed of immunized personnel, it is good to consider the hypothesis of introducing the vaccination obligation for this category “.

The governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti writes it on social media. “Enough Dad or distinctions between elementary, middle and upper classes: we can no longer afford – he concludes – to deny even a single boy his right to study in the presence”.

“The green pass to access schools? Let’s not joke, rather we must continue to vaccinate the elderly and the frail”: this is how the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, this morning in Umbria, on the sidelines of his presence in support of the referendum on Justice. “The vaccine saves lives and this is out of the question, but I say no in forcing 12-13 year old children to be vaccinated”, underlined the leader of the Carroccio.


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